ProPASS – Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Enrolment dates and deadlines?

Enrolment will be open for the month prior to the start of each Pass Period:

  • Enrolment Open April 1 – 30 for the Summer 2022 Pass Period (May – August)
  • Enrolment Open August 1 – 31 for the Fall 2022 Pass Period (September – December)
  • Enrolment Open December 1 – 31 for the Winter 2023 Pass Period (January – April)

How much does it cost to participate in the ProPASS program?

The total cost for the Pass Period is $238.00 ($59.50 x 4 months).

The monthly cost for each monthly pass for a Pass Period is $59.50 (Regular Monthly Adult Transit Pass – $70.00 per month – less 15% Discount)

Can I withdraw from the ProPASS Program Pilot in the middle of a Pass Period?

No, you must commit to a full four-month Pass Period (example Summer: May – Aug). Refunds will only be considered for staff/faculty who leave the employment of UBCO within the middle of a Pass Period and are issued at the discretion of BC Transit for unused monthly passes for future calendar months.

For example, if an employee who has enroled for the Summer  Pass Period leaves the employment of UBCO anytime during the month of June, they may only be eligible for refunds for their unused July and August transit passes.

Who can I purchase additional discounted Transit Passes for?

As a ProPASS participant you can purchase discounted transit passes for up to two adult family members who are living in your same household. Additional passes can only be requested through the ProPASS Program Pilot Enrolment Form and cannot be added mid Pass Period.

Why are Cash and Debit the only payment options for the ProPASS program?

At this time, due to the nature of the Pilot Program, only cash and debit are available as payment options. Online payment by credit card is anticipated to be implemented for the Fall 2022 Pass Period.

Can ProPASS be utilized on the 90 UBCO/Vernon route?

Monthly passes for Kelowna Regional Transit (including those purchased through UBCO’s ProPASS program) are accepted on the 90 UBCO/Vernon at no extra charge. However, these monthly passes cannot be used on other routes within the Vernon Regional Transit system.

I already enroled for ProPASS for the Fall and/or Winter Pass Periods, why do I have to re-enrol?

ProPASS is a program offered by BC Transit and their regional partners which requires employers (UBCO) to order the required number of transit passes for their ProPASS participants (UBCO staff/faculty employees) in advance of each Pass Period. Every Pass Period (Winter, Summer, Fall) will require participants to re-enrol in advance of the start of each Pass Period.

Will I always receive a 15% discount through the ProPASS program?

As part of the launch of the ProPASS Program Pilot on the UBCO campus, a guaranteed discount of 15% for the Pilot Program was secured for all employees who enrol.