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Getting To & From UBC Okanagan this Fall

Many people have started thinking about how they’re going to commute to campus this fall. Public transit is a popular way to get to and from campus but we are hearing that some people in the UBC community are concerned with taking transit and instead plan to drive. It is important to be aware that parking on campus is very limited and the potential of more people driving to campus means that finding a parking spot will be challenging.

On this page, you will learn more about:

  1. BC Transit’s current safety plans and service levels to campus this fall.
  2. Biking tips
  3. Walking tips
  4. Driving and parking information

Public Transit

  • BC Transit is continuing to follow health rules and guidance from experts and senior levels of government. New changes came into effect on August 20th requiring masks on buses and while waiting at bus stops. Visit the BC Transit website for the most up to date information.
  • UBC is working closely with BC Transit to ensure they understand the concerns the UBC community has raised about public transit. Many of these topics, including how BC Transit has responded to COVID-19 and how to travel safely, are addressed on BC Transit’s website.
  • BC Transit has released its fall schedule, which will result in transit capacity to UBC Okanagan just above what it was in 2019.
  • If you ever have questions about trip planning, safety, or concerns about BC Transit services in Kelowna, go to the BC Transit’s website and select the Contact icon at the top right of the page. Sharing your questions with BC Transit helps the organization understand the needs and concerns of its customers so that it can adapt its services and information sharing.


Many people turned to biking for exercise and enjoyment during the pandemic. Consider commuting to campus by bike a few days a week. It is convenient, inexpensive, healthy and you can avoid searching for parking.

UBC Okanagan has gained great cycling connections between the campus and the City of Kelowna over the past few years. You can find more resources about cycling to / from and around campus on the Campus Planning website as well as the UBCycles website including links to bike maps, information about secure places to lock your bike, and safety tips. For those that live too far away to bike, consider combining a bike trip with public transit to shorten your ride.


For those living in the Quail Ridge and University South neighbourhoods, walking is a fantastic way to combine getting some fresh air and exercise with your commute to campus. If you are walking from the Academy Hill neighbourhood be sure to use the new overpass to cross John Hindle Drive safely.

Check out the campus planning website or more information about walking to / from and around campus.

Driving and Parking

There are a range of parking locations as well as rates for you to be aware of.

If you are planning to drive to campus, please keep the following in mind:

  • Parking on campus is limited.
  • Consider carpooling with friends or coworkers to get more people to campus in fewer cars. The BC Centre for Disease Control has some helpful tips on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while carpooling.
  • A parking permit does not guarantee you a parking spot.
  • Do not purchase any one-day permits until you find parking on-campus. This will help avoid frustrations if you don’t find parking that day.
  • If you are getting dropped-off and picked-up by a friend or family member, please do not stop at bus stops. Use parking lots or designated areas for this activity to not negatively impact transit service and to avoid being ticketed.