ProPASS Program for UBCO Staff and Faculty

As a UBCO employee, you are eligible to enrol in the ProPASS Program Pilot to receive a reduced cost on adult monthly bus passes. Apply online or through Parking Services for a minimum of one four-month Pass Period.

UBCO employees can purchase adult monthly transit passes at a 15% discount for $59.50/month (regular cost without ProPASS is $70/month).

How do I Enrol or Continue for the Winter 2022 ProPASS Period?

To enrol or continue in the ProPASS Program Pilot for the Winter 2022 Pass Period (January – April), you must complete the UBCO ProPASS Enrolment Form by December 14, 2021. Passes must be paid for and picked up through the Parking Services Office.

  1. Complete the Winter 2022 UBCO ProPASS Enrolment Form online by the end of December, 2021
  2. Pay for and collect your discounted transit passes for the Winter 2022 Pass Period from the Parking Services Office
  3. Use transit for your commute to and from campus for Winter 2022

Be sure to pay for and pick up your passes from Parking Services as soon as possible. Once the Winter 2022 Pass Period begins unclaimed passes may be returned to BC Transit. If you are unable to collect your passes by the first week of January 2022, please contact directly to make alternative arrangements.

Please plan for the holiday closure: UBCOs Parking Services Office will be closed between December 25 and January 1, reopening Monday January 3, 2022.


Why Enrol in ProPASS?

A main goal of the ProPASS Program Pilot is to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to and from campus daily by encouraging and incentivizing employees to use transit. UBCO has partnered with BC Transit and their regional partners to offer the ProPASS Program Pilot to UBC employees.

ProPASS Program Pilot

UBCO is launching the ProPASS Program for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 as a pilot program. We understand that it may take time for staff and faculty to learn about the program or make the switch to commute by transit. The program will be reviewed following the close of Winter 2022 enrolment to determine how to modify or enhance the program for convenience and ease of use.