Discounted Transit Passes for UBCO Faculty and Staff

As a UBCO employee, you are eligible to enrol in the ProPASS Program to receive a reduced cost on adult monthly bus passes. Enrol online for a minimum of one four-month Pass Period. ProPASS is a program offered by BC Transit and their regional partners. UBCO has worked with the City of Kelowna to bring ProPASS to UBCO to support employees in choosing transit for their commute.


Winter 2023 (Jan-Apr) Pass Period Enrolment will be open December 1 – 31, 2022.

How to Enrol for ProPASS:

  1. Complete the online Enrolment Form before December 31:  ProPASS Online Enrolment Form
  2. Pay for your passes Online using the link provided following your online enrolment
  3. Pick up your passes from the Parking Services Office** (the Parking Services Office will be closed December 24 – January 2)
  4. Use Transit in the Winter 2023 Pass Period to get to/from campus and around Kelowna

*Debit and exact Cash payments accepted in person at the Parking Services Office

**Please note, BC Transit was unable to supply the City of Kelowna with April 2023 Passes for the beginning of the Winter 2023 Pass Period. It is expected that April 2023 passes will arrive in the new year. Upon enrolment, you will be able to pick up your January, February and March 2023 ProPASSes, and we will contact all participants when the April 2023 Passes are available to be picked up from Parking Services. We apologize for this inconvenience.


    UBCO launched ProPASS in the Fall of 2021 offering employees a 15% discount off of transit passes. In alignment with UBCO’s Climate Action Plan 2030 and Transportation Plan, an additional 35% Sustainable Transportation Subsidy is being launched for the Fall 2022 Pass Period. This means that with UBCO ProPASS, the cost of transit passes is only $35/month whereas regular cost for adult monthly transit passes is $70/month (employees must enrol and pay for an entire four-month Pass Period).
    A main goal of the ProPASS Program is to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to and from campus daily by encouraging and incentivizing employees to use transit. UBCO has partnered with BC Transit and their regional partners to offer the ProPASS Program to UBC employees.
    BC Transit has also announced they will be launching a new electronic fare collection system, Umo, in BC in late 2022. UBCO will be working closely with BC Transit and their regional partners on the modifications to the ProPASS Program to align with the new Umo system in 2023.
When are the Enrolment dates and deadlines?
Enrolment will be open for the month prior to the start of each Pass Period:

  • Enrolment Open December 1 – 31 for the Winter 2023 Pass Period (January – April)
  • Enrolment Open April 1 – 30 for the Summer 2023 Pass Period (May – August)
  • Enrolment Open August 1 – 31 for the Fall 2023 Pass Period (September – December)
How much does it cost to participate in the ProPASS program?
The total cost for the Pass Period is $140 ($35 per month) for UBCO faculty and staff. (Regular Monthly Adult Transit Pass – $70.00 per month – less 15% ProPASS Discount and 35% UBCO Sustainable Transportation Subsidy)
How do I pay for my ProPASSes?
Once you’ve completed the online UBCO ProPASS Enrolment form, you will receive a link to the ProPASS Online Payment form to pay for your passes by online by Credit Card. If you require an alternative payment method to pay for your passes, please visit the Parking Services Office in person to pay with Cash or Debit. Exact cash is required (no cash is held onsite).
Can I start or withdraw from the ProPASS Program in the middle of a Pass Period?
No, you must commit to a full four-month Pass Period (example Summer: May – Aug). Once enrolment has closed at the start of each Pass Period, new participants must wait for enrolment to open for the next pass period (see dates above).Refunds will only be considered for staff/faculty who leave the employment of UBCO within the middle of a Pass Period and are issued at the discretion of BC Transit for unused monthly passes for future calendar months.  For example, if an employee who has enroled for the Summer Pass Period leaves the employment of UBCO anytime during the month of June, they may only be eligible for refunds for their unused July and August transit passes.
Can I get a ProPASS Refund due to transit service disruptions?
ProPASS is a program offered by BC Transit and their Regional Partners, and is administered through the City of Kelowna. UBCO facilitates the program in accordance with the processes, terms and conditions set by Kelowna Regional Transit.For any transit service disruption over 3 days in length, a pro-rated discount or refund will be applied.Discounts and refunds will be pro-rated by the number of days or months that transit service is disrupted, and will be calculated following the resumption of transit service.
Who can I purchase additional discounted Transit Passes for?
As a ProPASS participant you can purchase discounted transit passes for up to two adult family members who are living in your same household. Additional passes can only be requested through the ProPASS Program Enrolment Form and cannot be added mid Pass Period. Additional passes for family are only eligible for the 15% ProPASS Discount and cost $238 for each Pass Period ($59.50 X 4 months).
Can ProPASS be utilized on the 90 UBCO/Vernon route?
Monthly passes for Kelowna Regional Transit (including those purchased through UBCO’s ProPASS program) are accepted on the 90 UBCO/Vernon at no extra charge. However, these monthly passes cannot be used on other routes within the Vernon Regional Transit system.
I’m not a UBCO Employee, but I commute to and work at the campus. Can I still participate in ProPASS?
Eligible groups may participate in ProPASS accessing the standard 15% discount of off regular monthly transit passes ($238 per Pass Period). At this time online/credit card payments are not available for Non-UBCO Employees, payments must be made with Cash or Debit. Eligible groups may include UBC SUO staff, UBCO Daycare staff, or student groups who are not eligible for UPASS. Contact for more information or to determine if you are part of an eligible group before enrolling using the online form.


Have any additional questions about the ProPASS Program, please contact: